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For more free information check out our Youtube page at the link below. Here you will find Andrew's Quick Hits, a series of hard hitting information you can use daily. Also, check out our exercise demos, motivational videos, and our podcast series!

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We figured by now the crowded big box gyms have gotten old. We figured by now you are not getting the results you want. We also figured by now that Spring and Summer are just around the corner and you are not pleased at your appearance. Here is my deal to you: Give me your heart and desire and I will give you the look you deserve. It's that simple.

 If you never hired a personal trainer please read the link below:

The Value of a Trainer and the Dangerous Cost of Not Hiring a Trainer

Nutrition This Way

Do you experience the following:

Constant up and down weight gain?

Lack of energy in your daily living?

Feel full, bloated, uncomfortable after eating?

Occasional diarrhea, constipation, and irregular bowel movements?

Little to no results from your exercise routine?

Have trouble gaining healthy weight? 

Scared of eating or obsessed with eating?

If yes to any of those questions then give us a call!

If exercise is not in the cards we are proud to offer a comprehensive nutrition counseling program at Fit This Way. For only $99 for the first visit and $50 thereafter, you will receive expert nutrition advice without any crazy diets, pills, supplements, and tedious smoothie making. Weight Watchers and South Beach may work but only in the short run. With my help you will make changes that impact you for life. Most programs fail to uncover the real cause of your weight gain and/or lack of energy. I have the secret. Seriously, it's not a secret once we meet. Behavior modification, meal timing, and caloric management will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. If you don't think this investment is worth it then I guess frequent trips to the ER are. Do it right and do it for life!

Call 484-818-1638 for more information or fill out the contact form at the top of the page.

We are Obsessed with Getting You the Results You Want!

Whatever the Goal, We Will Strive to Help You Reach it!


Sometimes, you need a helping hand to achieve your weight loss goals. That's where Fit This Way comes in. We offer both private personal training and small group personal training programs. 

Weight Management

Lose and maintain your weight when you come to our team. We're able to design a weight management plan that combines a nutritious diet with minor exercises.

Nutrition This Way

You are what you eat, so in order to be healthy, you need to eat healthy as well! Our nutrition plans make changing your diet for the better a simple, stress-free process.

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Who We Are

Fit This Way is not your average gym or company; it is a way of life. At FTW, your overall health and well-being is our priority. Whether your goals are weight loss, improved physique, or better energy, it is our mission to provide the accountability, knowledge, and motivation you need to achieve those goals in a safe, clean, and positive environment. FTW believes that fitness is for everyone, not a select few. Our affordable programs are truly scaled to your abilities, which makes FTW a great fit for anyone. We change bodies. We change lives. We defy the norm.

Fit This Way: Health and Fitness, the RIGHT way!

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